Using Thinglink to improve virtual learning

Fed up of just having a list of static word links to pdfs? Uninspired by the wall of text that greets you when you’ve uploaded your last session?thinglinkforteachers

Thinglink could be the answer to your problems. It is a multi-platform interactive image creator that can really bring a VLE  or web page to life.

It is used in the media and in marketing but it is in education where it is making the biggest mark and on first impressions it could be just what you need to provide a window of learning that your student can step into and experience – without sending them away from your module page to do it.

You can embed a Youtube video, a sound file, a google map, annotate a picture or diagram with words and pictures – basically you can put your whole class or session’s learning resources into one picture that sums up the topic.

Let your learner see what you’re thinking (or thing linking) by bringing the power of the internet to your page with rich media tags.

It’s free to use too, although there is a paid for option with more functions, and with a bit of creativity and the use of free photoediting websites like you can make some inspiring stuff.

So far, in just a few months, we’ve used it here at Myerscough to welcome students to  the college and to their courses with an interactive map of the campus and short videos from heads of area.

(Unfortunately, unlike your VLE, the free version of word press won’t allow me to embed the rich media content image – so click on the picture below to view on thinglink instead!)

We’ve used it with the floristry department to enhance online video content and demonstrations (again click on the picture to view on thinglink)












We’ve even used it to liven up the course structure and deadline dates given to students

So far so good….

A couple more online tutors came to our training session on it last week and are now keen to develop its use on their own courses in the New Year.

Anyone interested in using it, or who want to see more examples of what it can be used for, just get in touch with Adrian Capstick or Laura Power. We will be holding more one-to-one sessions on it in 2016 for anyone interested in giving it a go.

There is also an online gallery on Thinglink that shows what other people have used the website and the free app for in the past and who have chosen to share their creations for other people to use and / or remix.

Get yourself logged in and see what you can create!


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