🎶 Twelveth day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 12th day of Christmas technology gave to me Christmas tale apps for freeeeee!🎶

Brilliant for Christmas Eve to play with the family and engage with all levels of abilities and ages. A fun interactive tale to keep the festive spirit going and embed a little bit of knowledge and key skills (think Maths, English and ICT) in a fun way.

Christmas Tale HD

Great all rounder and is a multimedia book. Want to give the whole family something to play and read while waiting to go to sleep for Santa? then look no further this app offers the different levels of engagement through gorgeous graphics, music, storytelling and interactive games. Great for key skills through fun Christmas activities!

iPhone Screenshot 4

iOS & Android


🎶 Eleventh day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 11th day of Christmas #technology gave to me christmas music apps for freeeeee!🎶

To get you into that Christmas Spirit there’s always lots to do but this close to the day itself it’s always great to spread a little cheer through music. These are some apps for iOS and Android which would work perfectly for signing in the festivities.

Christmas Music

One from Apple for iOS devices:

iPhone Screenshot 1


Christmas Songs and Music

One for the Android devices out there:

   Christmas Songs and Music- screenshot


🎶 Tenth day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 10th day of Christmas technology gave to me Snow Globe apps for freeeeee!🎶

For those who might not get snow normally but wish to see the wintery blizzards associated with Christmas. A virtual Snowglobe is the perfect  solution to get that winter wonderland feel, take the weather with you.

Snow Globe Apps for Apple Tech

There’s a few different Snowglobe apps for iOS, all able to customise snowglobe and background. To discover more click on the link below.


Snow Globe Winter Christmas

This app allows for different backgrounds and snowglobe types/images. To watch the snow go simply shake your phone.

  Snow Globe Winter Christmas- screenshot thumbnail


🎶 Ninth day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 9th day of Christmas technology gave to me christmas live wallpaper app for freee!🎶

Bored of the same static image used for your phone or tablet background? want a more festive feel with a modern look? then the live christmas wallpapers available for both iOS & Android are perfect.

Live Christmas Tree

Put a twinkling Christmas tree made of lights onto your screen to set the festive spirit.

iPhone Screenshot 1


Christmas Live Wallpaper

Christmas Live wallpaper, watch as Santa rides his sleigh across your screen.

   Christmas Live Wallpaper- screenshot


🎶 Sixth Day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 6th day of Christmas technology gave to me Fireplace 3D lite freeeeee!🎶

So the winter chill is settling in adn sometimes it’s just nice to have a fire. So here are the Fire apps for both iOS & Android.

Fireplace 3D Lite

Want to keep warm this winter, use this app to warm any phone (or iPad)

iPhone Screenshot 2


3D Fireplace

Here is Android’s version of a 3D Fireplace to warm you up this winter.

  3D Fireplace- screenshot thumbnail


🎶 Fifth day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 5th day of Christmas technology gave to me Christmas fact apps for freeeeee!🎶

So as the festivities come ever closer we’d naturally like to learn more about Christmas and world wide traditions. Here are an Android and iOS app for finding out Christmas facts.

Christmas Facts

Interesting facts about Christmas from around the world, including some surprises! Share facts and find out new ones.

   Christmas Facts- screenshot
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Christmas Facts: Fun for Everyone!

Facts about Christmas from around the world you can share with friends

iPhone Screenshot 3



🎶 Third Day of Christmas 🎶

🎶On the 3rd day of Christmas technology gave to me talk to santa apps for freeeeee!🎶

So Christmas ever approaching and of course sometimes for those with kids (or for those big kids) a talking Santa app will be great to spread a little magic and get everyone in the festive mood. We’ve dug high and low searching for the best ones for iOS & Android.

Appy Christmas

A funny and brilliant way to talk to Santa. You get a countdown Timer, music and an advent calendar giving you paid apps for free every day.



Talking Santa

Talk into the Microphone and listen to Santa repeat what you’ve said. He’s also interactive, poke, tickle or swipe Santa and see if you’re on the naughty or nice list.