Apple TV set up

This is a quick run through of the basics needed for setting up an Apple TV in any classroom scenario.

Connect the HDMI cable from the back of the Apple TV to a HDMI input on the television. Be sure to note the number of the HDMI port you plugged into. This image from Apple’s support site perfectly illustrates the steps outlined:

Apple TV                                                 Computer/screen/SMART Board

how to Apple TV.png

With the television’s remote control, change the input source to the same one you connected the Apple TV to. As an example, if you connected the Apple TV to Input 1, change the television’s input setting to input source 1. Connect the power cord to the Apple TV and the nearest wall outlet.  You will see the Apple logo flash onto the television as the Apple TV boots up.

NB – Sometimes you will need a VGA and Kanex converter cable to use these on the older models of projectors or SMART Boards.

Menu Navigation

To navigate to any menu on the Apple TV, use the arrow keys to highlight the menu you wish to select and press the middle button, which is the empty silver circle in the center of all the other black buttons, which is the select or ‘ok’ button.

If you want to return to the previous screen, press the black Menu button on the lower left. If you are using a bluetooth keyboard, use the ESC key instead of Menu to go back a screen.

Apple Tv menu


Mirroring to an Apple TV

Mirroring means that whatever is on your device screen will be shown on the TV connected to the Apple TV.

To mirror the screen from an iPhone, or iPad to the Apple TV,:

  • unlock the device and flick up from the very bottom bezelAirPlay.png

Click on the AirPlay icon and then choose Apple TV as the device to mirror to.

AirPlay step 2.png

  • When you no longer wish to mirror your screen, repeat these steps, but choose Your device (iPhone or iPad) instead of Apple TV as the device.


AirPlay 3.png


And there you have it. That’s simply  Set up an Apple TV and mirror your iPad to the screen.